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Facts and Myths Regarding Mold Removal

Mold is a frequent issue homeowners across the nation have to deal with. It can not only affect the appearance of your house; however, it could also lead to health problems. Despite the abundance of information available, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding mold. Finding solutions for your mold problem on the internet can be confusing as certain people advise you to apply bleach to rid yourself of mold. In contrast, others advise you to upgrade your walls.

Common Misconceptions About Mold Removal

Every day, we’re in contact with mold spores in the air, indoors and outdoors, but that is not a reason to be worried. However, on the other hand, mold could develop on every surface in our homes if subject to moderate temperatures, food sources (nearly every construction substance), and moisture. If it’s not stopped and continues to grow, it can cause serious problems. Mold can be harmful to health and cause damage to any building materials that it feeds on.

To help people recognize and be aware of how to proceed in case of a mold problem, We’ve decided to dispel most of the popular mold myths.

1. Mold Does Not Exist in My House

Fact: Mold spores can be found in all environments. It’s true. This means that it is difficult to remove mold. However, this isn’t necessarily a problem since an extremely low level of mold is not likely to result in the symptoms of mold exposure. But, complete removal of mold isn’t possible. For example, suppose you suspect the growth of mold within your home. In this case, it is advised to hire an expert having a good property restoration New City in mold remediation to investigate the issue.

2. I Can Eliminate Mold Myself

Fact: Experts categorize the mold issues limited by less than 10 square feet as level one diseases. Thus, homeowners can handle the problem. All other matters, however, require the help of a professional mold removal firm. These companies have the right equipment and expertise to deal with mold without contaminating other areas. Additionally, mold exposure is hazardous and could harm your health.

3. I Can Kill Mold Using Bleach

Fact: While bleach may work against the growth of mold on non-porous surfaces, it isn’t able to be absorbed into porous surfaces for the total removal of mold. As a result, bleach may encourage mold growth, particularly when your source for moisture stays active. Additionally, bleach may harm your furnishings and walls, which is usually avoided.

4. No Need to Be Concerned About Tiny Patches of Mold

Fact: Mold, unfortunately, spreads quickly. It might be challenging to estimate the size of an infestation based only on appearances. However, the majority of the time that mold develops within wall surfaces and ventilation units, just a tiny amount is visible. Therefore, you shouldn’t delay contacting mold cleaning services… and wait until you can see noticeable mold levels, as even small areas could indicate a serious mold problem.

5. Mold Exposure Isn’t That Serious

Fact: Although there aren’t many people who are affected by mold, constant exposure to mold can lead to various diseases. In particular, for people who already have respiratory issues, this is a concern. The most noticeable symptoms of mold exposure are eye-watering, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, coughing, and dizziness. For more information, click to visit their website.

Final Thoughts

It is generally an issue that, if not properly handled, can cause serious damage. This is why Mold Solutions uses a proprietary procedure to address any type or extent of the mold issue. In the beginning, we examine and confine any affected regions. We then employ modern technology to treat and minimize the growth of mold. In the end, an antimicrobial substance is applied to avoid any future infestations of mold.

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