Increase Your Pet’s Longevity By Following These Five Simple Tips

Increase Your Pet’s Longevity By Following These Five Simple Tips

If you’re a new pet owner who brought home a new dog, perhaps you are not that worried about their life span as they can live anywhere from 10-15 years. While many canine breeds can just live around that range of years, some canines still manage to exist more than that. However, as your furry friend gets older, you might like to know how to keep them in good condition to lengthen their years. So now, let us discuss how you can improve and increase your pet’s life expectancy.

How to Lengthen Your Pet’s Lifespan?

Dogs live shorter lives than people, and every pet parent knows it. However, simple things could be done to enhance their life expectancy and extend your joyful days with them. Here are five sensible ideas you can follow to make it possible.

1. Pet-proof your home

Examine every corner of your house and ask yourself if it is a safe place for your furry companion. Think about the possible ways you think can harm your pet, like something that hangs, sparks, falls, dangerous chewable items, and other factors in your home that can pose a risk to your pet. Regardless of your dog’s age and wits, always pet-proof your house to prevent unanticipated accidents that might cause scary consequences.

2. Maintain their oral health

Oral hygiene is generally disregarded by a lot of pet owners. However, neglected oral health can cause plaque buildup, gingivitis, and gum disease that can cause systemic conditions like cardiovascular disease and damaged organs in dogs. Caring for your pet’s oral health is necessary to avoid unanticipated health problems that can be expensive to treat.

Brushing their teeth daily, providing them with dental treats and safe chew toys, and consistently bringing them to a good vet dentist can help keep your dog’s chomper in optimal condition.

3. Follow your veterinarian’s advice

Even though you think your pet is always healthy and in tiptop condition, you still have to visit your veterinarian for general checkups and examinations at least once a year. Vet visits must be twice or thrice a year as they enter old age. Pet wellness tests help retain optimum health and pinpoint potential illnesses before they worsen. Regularly practicing preventative care for your fur buddy can help them live longer and healthier. You may visit the website of animal facilities near you to learn more info about the necessary vet care for your pet.

4. Exercise them daily

Diet isn’t the only factor that makes canines stay in good condition, as regular exercises also play an important role in lengthening their life. And while this greatly benefits your beloved pets, it can help you live longer, too, since you are exercising them. Exercise helps balance your dog’s emotions and mood, lowers stress and anxiety, and improves endorphins.

This helps preserve your canine’s weight, muscle mass, and cardiovascular health. Keeping your dog physically active is beneficial, but don’t overdo it. If you observe unusual problems in your canine after some exercises, have them inspected in a pet emergency clinic to determine what’s disrupting them.

5. Feed them a healthy diet

Our bodies are a temple. What we feed it will get out of it, and the same is applied to our dogs and what we feed to them. So when we say a healthy diet, it does not just focus on one specific food since it should still be balanced. Like humans, dogs are omnivores too, which means they consume meat, greens, and fruits that are healthy for them.

And when we say a healthy and well-balanced diet, it means providing them with pet-friendly nutritious foods to get all the nutrition they need as much as possible. Browsing the web about the best appropriate foods for your pet can help you decide what to feed them.

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