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Don’t Neglect Your Dog’s Teeth: When to Visit a Dog Dentist

Your dog may be wondering why visiting the veterinarian is essential, and there are multiple reasons. One is obvious – maintaining good oral health! Cavities can form just like they can for humans, yet your pup needs your assistance to take care of his/her oral hygiene and brush or floss his/her teeth properly (unless another human helps them do that! ).

Left unchecked, bacteria will build up in their mouth, causing bad breath that not only embarrasses but could be potentially dangerous as well. Reducing periodontal disease or tooth decay due to insufficient care over time is yet another reason to visit your vet with your dog regularly.

When Should You Take Your Dog to the Dentist? 

Generally, taking your pet to a veterinarian every six months would be wise, with more frequent visits needed if you own a puppy. In cases of injury or tooth decay, visiting their vet immediately for dental care would also be prudent. If your pup has bad breath and excessively drools, this could be a telltale sign of dental problems – book an appointment with their veterinarian asap!

What Can Be Expected at a Dog Dental Appointment?

Your dog’s first appointment with the veterinarian will include an examination of its mouth and teeth, including gums, tongue, and inside of the mouth, and gums for any signs of infection or potential problems. Should they discover anything urgent that requires immediate action, such as dental cleaning?

If your dog is healthy enough for more extensive work, such as root canals, they’ll likely require X-rays before further procedures can begin.

Where Can You Locate a Dog Dentist?

If you’re searching for a dog dentist, the first place to turn should be online. You’ll find numerous websites listing veterinarians specialized in animal dental care who may provide dental treatment – they may even recommend someone.

If searching online doesn’t produce results, consider calling around until you locate an organization offering this service locally. Talking with friends or family may provide additional leads; for example, a pet dentist might know of one nearby!

If none of the other solutions work (or if all else fails), head to Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital, where we offer comprehensive dental exams with X-rays and teeth cleaning services every Tuesday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm – no appointment necessary!

What Should Be Brought to a Dog Dental Appointment?

Bring along all of your dog’s vaccination records, medications list, and medical history as soon as you take him in for his appointment. If you need guidance in choosing what information is relevant to this appointment, ask for assistance from your vet or office staff – the more knowledge they have of their patient, the easier their job should be to assist him through it without incident. To learn more on when to bring your pet to an appointment, make sure to ask your local dentist.


Overall, your dog’s dental health should be just as high a priority as yours. Unfortunately, though, unlike you, it cannot brush its teeth, so it falls to you to ensure it gets regular checkups and cleanings at the vet.


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